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– What do I get if I donate?

Well, Donators get almost all the commands admins have (No ban hammer). Your able to fly, speedhack, etc. You get protected areas of land to prevent unwanted visitors. Free items and unlimited money in /balance. You also get unlimted homes as in /set home and /home. You also will get promoted at the end of your month to Builder+ or Loyal permanetly see below for details.

World Edit Permissions can be purchased on top of everything the Donator rank has for $14/mo giving you the Donator+ rank. * This can also potentially lead to being trusted with Voxel Sniper for no additional cost giving you the Donator++ rank.

– The cost to you:

For every $7.50 you donate is +1 month of Donator. $14/mo gets you Donator+(++*) status.

– Buying Builder+ and Loyal ranks for permanent use.

Want to upgrade to Builder+ or Loyal but do not want to wait?

For every $1.50 you pay you remove some rank requirements off your list (example below).

$1.50 = 1 recruit + 1mo + 15 hrs played off your requirements.

So one donation of $7.50 counts as enough to permanently get Builder+ and a month of donator status, and $14 gets you permanent Loyal and two months of donator status or 1 month of Donator+ (++*) status.

– Is it worth Donating?

Yes it is if you want everything stated above and the server to continue to stay online and be faster then ever then it is worth it.

– Can I send my donation as a gift to someone?

Absolutely, just enter their username instead of yours when checking out.

– Can I donate custom amounts?

You can donate custom amounts by logging into PayPal and sending money to [email protected] for donating you will receive recognition on our Facebook page for donating. You will not receive all the benefits that Donators have.

* Donator++ requires admin trust/approval before being trusted with Voxel Sniper for no additional cost after already receiving the Donator+ rank with your $14/mo donation.

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* No Refunds.

* Contributions to Z Server SMP or related services such as Z Radio, Z Mumble, and other services related to Z Server SMP and Z Network Technologies are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

* By purchasing/donating to the seller Z Server SMP (A subdivision of Z Network Technologies) and or Z Network Technologies you the buyer are agreeing to our Terms of Service and other mentioned store policies located on this page and other pages on this website.

* Z Server SMP is not affiliated with Mojang AB, Microsoft, or Minecraft as a company. Even though we host a Minecraft server your money will not be going to Mojang AB, Microsoft, or Minecraft but simply to Z Server SMP to help cover server hosting which is hosted by a data center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.