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About the staff and the server...

Z Server is a survival multi-player server that is dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible while at the same time being a very amazing community of players. We use only the best hardware we can afford to keep our server awesome and use several different security measures to keep our services really secure. We have over 10 anti-grief plugins, and several firewalls on both the server and our sites to keep our up time up not down. Z Server SMP was founded  May 14th 2011 as a simple home hosted Bukkit server that regularly over heated. Z Server SMP has grown now to be in a nice cozy water cooled data center in Montreal, Canada.

z_neumann [Founder] ~Z

I am the founder, creator, and still a big maintainer of Z Server SMP. I usually am in charge of the coding for plugins, management, and security of the server. I also do all the coding for the website, and all of the technical server stuff for the website. I also maintain all DNS and Network setups for the website and Minecraft Server. I am usually here when needed not all the time though with work, and sometimes when I take a break from Minecraft for a day or two. I build pretty decent things, I am also very well skilled with redstone, and like to mess with people in a fun way.

qfsurfmonkey [Owner] ~Surf

I am the current Owner of Z Server SMP, responsible for most of the day-to-day management and maintaining the server itself. I am a highly responsible admin and a very fun one at that. I also maintain structures and make sure all is intact, and I built almost all the roads on the server. I now work full-time and can't be on as much as I would like too but I still make sure the server is running smoothly.

DanMcGoat [Co-Owner] ~Dan

I am currently the Co-Owner of Z Server SMP. I'm not too good at coding, but when it comes to administrating, remembering commands, and getting important stuff done on the server. I'm usually pretty good.

Why name the dedicated server Lizuna?

We have in the last few years designated our dedicated servers codenames based on animals. This started when we first started hosting with Plus Server group as they too gave their servers animal names in the hostnames. We since have taken that and applied it to each upgrade we had with them. Since our move to OVH we have just kept the name Lizuna as our configurations haven't changed to much in processor speed (only in RAM between 32 and 64 GB configs). Plus the Lizuna is just so cute.


The Lizuna, or least weasel, belongs to a sub-species that prefers the northern climates of Hokkaido, Siberia and northern Scandinavia. Unlike some other least weasels, this subspecies’ coat turns white to camouflage it in the winter.