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  TL;DR: Z Server SMP shutdown Oct 9, 2016. There comes a time where you start to become an adult a time where a family is starting to begin, a house and new car are your top priorities, and taking care of the family you love and support takes the most top priority. This will be the last month Z Server SMP will be online and will go offline Oct 9, 2016. All traffic after that point will be redirected to a cloud hosted download where you can download the server maps (We might put more online but Z Server was always unique for it's plugins and we always said we would never ever share plugins or help other servers :P). All this week we will be performing backups of the server to an external drive where we can then sort through which files to host in the cloud. During the last 3 days of Z Server SMP all world based protections will be turned off and griefing will be strongly enforced because griefing is fun no matter how much you try to deny it. These 5+ years have been lots of fun and we have enjoyed messing with all of you and playing with you. This has been my most favorite project and it really hurts me to see it go. However, I have no choice. All of you guys are more than welcome to stay in touch and even game with us in other games by joining our various groups such as that on Steam ( ~Z  


  A download manager or a browser with one included is highly recommended.  

  Downloads compressed by 60% for faster downloads. Files are much larger uncompressed and will need more disk space. Numbers below are compressed size/uncompressed size.  

  Main World Only (MC 1.10)     world.7z (New link)  

  (12.5GB/20.8GB compressed .7z file will need 7zip to uncompress)  

  Other Worlds (MC Beta 1.5 - MC 1.10) (40 Maps)     All-Worlds.7z (New link)  

  (5.4GB/9.2GB compressed .7z file will need 7zip to uncompress)  

  (May contain duplicate files) (Some maps may be broken by newer versions of MC!)  

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